Friday, July 17, 2009

~ 1 IKl@s ~

Its been a long time since i blogged n this blog is specially dedicated to 1 Iklhas, the naughtiest class in my school. I have been teaching for 7 months now and I am still unable to control this bunch of devils..Sigh.......
Everyday I go in, there will sure be something new for me.Today 4 boys had the nerve to pee in the classroom!! Imagine my fury when I saw the pee inside the water bottle!!!Well, I felt such a failure when I couldn't even manage to scare them or control them so I sent them to a male teacher.
The class really gives all the teachers headache especially the female teachers as they are not scared with us.They do whatever they want and they do not even flinch when we scold or punish them.I had tried cajoling,threatening to ignoring but to no avail!!
Last week,they took off their socks and smacked each other with the socks. Few weeks before, they ate the exam papre that I gave them back!!Well going into the class, sure increase my blood pressure.I think one day i may just faint in the class or have a heart attact due to their 'great thinking'.
Being a teacher is not as easy as everyone thinks.we have to face many types of students and characteristics that can make you go crazy. So, anyone has any suggestions and ideas for me to make them be better please tell me..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

~ SurviV@l ~

I just came back from KK with Mori and her family. I had enjoyed the 4 days 3 nights trip tremendously.I was able to go shopping at One Borneo, Centrepoint, Wisma Merdeka and even KK Plaza after 2 months of deprivation from shopping.Haha!!

Having fun at One Borneo :)

On the third day, we decided to go to a water fall at Inanam to bathe there.Mori's brother came with us for this trip and all of us were so entranced by the baeauty of the water fall.We waded into the water and had a great time playing there.The water was so cold and refreshing and I had never seen any water fall that is so beautiful and unpolluted.Well, this is called the wonders of nature. :)

The beautiful waterfall at Inanam.

Then,Mori's brother (Oning) climbed up towards the top of the water fall and pondering whether to jump inside the water or not. I told him that he might hit his head on a rock if the water was shallow.Then, Mori and George said it should be alright to jump.Suddenly, "PLOP!!" he was already inside the water.Then, he bobbed up from the water and seemed to be drowning.Mori called for me to go over to help him but she was telling me with a smile on her face.Hence, I was thinking that he was just fooling around.

However, without any second thought George rushed over to help him and from then on it was a struggle for both of them to come out from the water.When Mori saw that, she quickly gave her hand to Oning so that she could pull him over to safety.Unfortunately, Mori was pulled by him towards the currnt instead and she also started to drown.By then I realised that they were really in danger and quickly went to their side.
My head was all blank at that time and what I did was to quicky pulled Oning's hand so that he would be able to come to the side.Miraculously, Oning let me pulled him to safety and at the same time he also pulled Mori out from the water. George was able to fight the current and was able to swim towards the side of the waterfall. Everyone were so shocked over the incident and the three of them were thinking that they nearly drowned and shuddered over it.

The place where Mori, George and Oning neraly drwoned.

This trip might turn into tragedy if it was not for George's and Mori's quick action. I really salute them for their bravery and love for Oning as they didn't care for their safety and went to save Oning even though they do not know how to swim properly. It was also a miracle that I was able to pull Oning out of the water instead of being pulled by him towards the current. We believed that we were protected by angels :)

This trip was really memorable to all of us as it reminded us that lifes are really fragile so we have to appreciate all the people that are around us and love them with all our heart .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

~ HoPe ~

Today, I really felt very happy and satisfied with two of my students.They are Yassin and Yusri from 1 Ikhlas (the last class of the whole standard). This was because, for the past 2 months they had never did any work that I gave them to do.During my teaching, they were either be sleeping or day dreaming. When other people were busy doing work, they would be walking around disturbing people or sleep.Haha!! This pair of twin really perplexed the teachers.
All the teachers, including me had tried to make them do their work. Either by threat or cajoling but it was no use. They just didn't want to their work. Then, I decided to give them time as I still remembered last time our lecturer told us that children have their own pace of learning. I did not scold them when they didn;t do my work. I just let them be whatever they want.
Today, very suprisingly a miracle happened!! Haha.. I taught them body parts today and played a simple game with them where they had to point to their body parts correctly by listening to me. Well, they indeed had fun and afterwards they were asked to copy the pictures and the apellings inside thier books. As usual I did not ask the twin to take out their books or do anything.
Then. students started to give their books for me to mark and suddenly Yassin appeared with his book. I was shocked that he actually drew all the pictures nicely and his handwritings were neat too. Then I loked at him asnd asked whether he did himself and he answered 'Yes!' My heart really swell with pride when I saw he did my work so wonderfully. I awarded him an 'A'!! Then before I went from the class, his brother, Yusri came and handed his book. He also completed my work perfectly and I was really happy that time. So, I decided to give them presents ( a packet of biscuit for each of them). They were so happy that they jumped around!!
Well, looking at their faces really made me feel so happy and proud. At least it showed that my effort of teaching them and being a clown in front of the class is not wasted. Haha!! I really got a valuable lesson today - 'Do not give up hope on your students!'
because however slow or bad they are, they will still learn when they are ready. :) Hopefully they will still behave the same in the future so that they can learn more!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

~ New Place, New Life ~

Why do i say 'New Place, New Life' is because I have shifted to a new place at Lahad Datu. A proper house with a comfortable bedroom, a proper toilet, living room and also kitchen.Now, I'm staying with Ms Goh, a 40 plus years old woman that is still single.Well, she is nice to me.Helps me to buy fruits and also boil soup for me.Hehe..So, its nice staying at this new place.At least I do not need to worry bout flood.Haha..
Meanwhile, at my school, I'm the class teacher for 1 Ideal.The first class of the whole standard.The students are all very cute and will 'salam' me whenever I go out from the class.Besides, they will shout 'Teacher' whenever they see me even though they are far away.Well, looking at them reminded me how I behaved last time when I was 7 years old.

However, an unfortunate incident happened to one of my students few days ago.His name is Elyas and he is a smart boy.That day when I took them for injection, we found that his whole left hand was covered with bruises and scars.I didn't notice anything until then because he always wore jacket to school. Then, he told us that his mother hit him.Everyday, whenever he refused to drink. The revelation shocked us as we thought what kind of mother will do this to her child.
Then, I brought him to see the headmaster and my headmaster called his father the second day.The father actually told the headmaster it was their ways of teaching the children not to misbehave and he permitted his wife to beat the children.Another shocking revelation was, the mother is actually his "STEPMOTHER"!!! That is why she is so cruel towards them.
On the second day, the birth mother with all her relatives came to the school.Then the father also came and they nearly quarrel as both side wanted to take the child.Suddenly, my PK came and scolded them and I was shocked to See my PK so fierce.At last the case was brought to the police and I hope that the stepmother will be arrested so that she will not have the chance to beat the children again. Later on, we got to know that the stepmother actually told other people that it was the school teachers who beat his child until like that.So, my colleagues told me that luckily I brought him to see the headmaster if not I may get into trouble.
The lesson that I have got from this incident is be aware with your students problems and care for them as if they are your own children.Well, being a class teacher is really tiring but looking at my students laughing and smiling at me and calling me 'Teacher' is really rewarding!! I hope that my students will grow up to be successful just like the Teacher.Haha

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year 2009 !!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

So fast it's already 2009 and I'm one year older again.. That is not a good news!! I want to be young forever but I know it won't be happening so I will have to enjoy all my 'Young Years'!! Haha.. I was 24 at 2008 and a lot of memorable, sweet and exciting things happened to me at 2008. So now let's recap the events that happened at 2008!!

1. Chico & Oreo!!

Baby and I decided to get ourselves guinea pigs as pets so we bought ourselves two little cute guinea pigs (Chico and Oreo). It is nice to have them as they make us feel more responsible being an adult since they need to be taken care of and I will like to wish Chico 'Happy Birthday' as his birthday falls on Jan 12th. However, we have to give them away now and we really feel very sad. Hope that we will be able to get them a good owner.

Chico and Oreo. They are so cute!! I love you guys!!

2. Trips to Penang, Genting and Malacca with my family.

Last year my family and I were able to go for some unforgetable trips and we managed to have lots of fun. Actually it had been many years since we went for a family trip so it was really great to be able to have family trip last year. Hope that this year we can have family trips again as I really like going trips with my family. XOXO !!

Genting's Trip :)

Penang's Trip :)

Malacca's Trip :)

3. Graduation !!

Yes, after 6 years of sweats and tears, I finally graduated with honors!!. I was so happy as I was able to graduate with all my coursemates but at the same time I was also sad because we have to go our own separate ways now. Anyway, I enjoyed the 6 years that I spent with all of the B.ed TESL guys!! :)

Happy Graduation!!

4. Sabah!!

I was posted to Sabah, Lahad Datu on August last year and when I heard the news I actually cried due to the horror stories that I heard from people about Sabah. However, when I reached there I really enjoyed myself. I got to know a lot of friends, did a lot of exciting activities and got to visit many beautiful places at Sabah with my Sabahan friends like Mori, Auntie Lorita, Autie Maznah, Auntie Mazni and all the others. The people and the places there are really GREAT!! However, I still hope that I will be able to come back to KL to teach as all my families and friends are here.

Camping at Dantai

Semporna, where Mohanesh and Nori are posted. Had an enjoyable trip there :)

The beautiful and cold Kundasang

Catching fish at the stream :)

5. Registration At Tian Hou Temple

Baby and I decided to get register at Tian Hou Temple on 4th of October. We had all the wishes from our families and relatives. Our wedding will definitely be a great one in the future.. Hehe..

6. Trip with Rawang Gangz..

Last year I managed to go for a trip at Genting with my Rawang friends. I really had an enjoyable time with all of them as it was not easy to go out for trips like this together as a gang. The gossiping, fooling around and making fun of each really made this a memorable trip. Hope that we can still do it this year. :)

7. Christmas Celebration

I celebrated last year Christmas with Tisha, Ronald, Kelvin and his gf, Beverly, Siva and Baby. We had our countdown at the Curve and we really enjoyed ourselves. On Christmas day, we went to the ACTS church to see Julia perform in the Big Show. Then we went for to watch 'The Spirit' which everyone thought sucks. Haha.. Well, I would say that I had an incredible Xmas!!

8. New Year

Yesterday, we had our countdown at the Curve again. We were thinking that the Curve would have an incredible countdown with fantastic fireworks. However, the countdown wasn't that great and the fireworks were not great too. Besides, we had to wait for the jam to ease until 2 am. Tisha and I were exhausted as we went shopping first at One U at 2pm.Hence, the New Year countdown wasn't that 'Great'. Hopefully this year's countdown will be better than 2008.

Anyway, I hope that 2009 will bring me and all the people that I love lots of good lucks and happiness. Besides, I also hope that I will be able to come back to KL to teach.

Happy 2009!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yogi Tree

Yesterday, my husband's family, my husband and I went to Yogi Tree at the Gardens. Yogi Tree is a restaurant that serves healthy food as it's concept is back to original cooking.It only uses natural ingredients and original also flavours. Hence, the prices of the food are quite expensive.

The ambiance is very relaxing and you can see many advises on the wall.

However, the taste of the food is very good even though they do not use any artificial ingredients. The ambiance of the restaurant is also very relaxing and you can see many advises on health and food on the wall. Yogi Tree serves Western cuisines and also Malaysian cuisines too so consumers have more optuons.

The counter is also written with today's special menu so you can choose the food from there without looking at the menu too.

The service there is very good too. The waiters know their stuffs very well and are able to recommend the dishes to us very well. All the dishes that she recommended were very good. :) They were very attentive too as they would make sure that all the food were served on time and they would refill our water without us having to ask. The most important thing in a restaurant is the service and I would say that Yogi Tree has a very good service. Thumbs up for them!

The menu of Yogi Tree. We had ordered Original Roast Chicken, Chicken Cheeseburger, Chicken Pie, Nasi Ayam Percik and Spanish Fried Rice. We also ordered three cups of fruit juice. All the dishes that we ordered were delicious but the serving is not very big except from the Spanish Fried Rice which can be shared among 3 people. The desserts there are also very nice.

There is one good news.Anyone who has HSBC credit card can enjoy 20% discounts on the main dishes until 31st December. So, anyone who has HSBC credit card can try to go there. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

~Chico & Oreo up for ADOPTION~

If you have read my previous blog then, you should know about my pets Chico and Oreo. They are two cute guinea pigs. Chico is a Shelty which has long and smooth fur meanwhile Oreo is a Abyssinian which has short curly hair. They are very tame and cute and they do not require a lot of time to take care of them.

This is Chico. He has brown and white long fur. He is very tame and he likes to eat carrot form your hand. He is a Shelty.

This is Oreo. He has black and white short fur and that is the reason we named him Oreo. He is very tame and he is a coward. He is an Abyssinian.

Chico is 11 months old and Oreo is around 10 months old.We really love them but we have to give them away because my hubby (Li Fu) is moving out soon from his house with his family and the new house does not have space for my two guinea pigs. I'm feeling so sad as we have been taking care of them for a long time.

The ways to take care of them are very easy.Everyday, change the newspaper on the bottom of the cage so the room will not be smelly.Then, give them water and food.Just make sure the food and water will not run out as they will die if they do not eat or drink in more than 12 hours. Then, every week just bathe them once and cut their nails once every two weeks. They also like to eat carrots and spinach but they are not allowed to eat too much of these as they will get diarrhea and they may die because of this.

Anyone who read this blog and is interested in adopting them please contact me (Sophia - 0122238138) or Li Fu (0123598687). We will give you the food, the cage, the nail clipper and also the shampoo. So, any good Samaritan please call us. Thank you.